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Tennee | August 17, 2015

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I recently attended David Wolfes Longevity Now conference. This is an event put on by, none other than, nutrition guru David Wolfe. The diverse range of guest speakers are dedicated to sharing new and innovative research in the field of health. While sitting in the audience I couldn’t help but key into a buzzword that was mentioned by many of the different speakers. The word was biofeedback. I also found myself especially drawn to the research shared by Dr Sara Gottfried on Heartmath. This company has created biofeedback tools which allow anyone using the device to gain a window into both their hearts and brains in order to self manage their stress response. This is done by monitoring their heart rate variability. Heart rate variability (HRV) is defined as the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats.  It is measured by the variation in the beat-to-beat interval.

The research at Heartmath shows that by monitoring your heart rate variability, using a little clip on your ear connected to your computer, you are able to move into a state of heart coherence. Coherence means the heart and brain are energetically aligned and cooperating with one another. 


Essentially, this program teaches your heart, mind and body to unite coherence which provide a cascade of beneficial health effects. The benefits range from creating positive hormones to accessing higher brain centers.


If you consider the fact that 75% of physicians visits are stress related, heart math technology has a potential to give people more control over their stress response (i.e. cortisol levels etc...) and thus their health. 

Heartmath has documented that there are two different patterns generated by the four communication centers (neurological, biophysical, biochemical and electrical).

  1. The first is an incoherent spectrum with many different frequencies that looks jagged and irregular. These patterns appear with strong negative emotions like frustration and anger.
  2. Secondly, there is the coherent spectrum with ordered and synchronous frequencies. These patterns show when people are experiencing positive emotions.


What I found interesting is that we are broadcasting this electrical information to every cell in our bodies every second of the day, whether we are conscious or it or not.


With these insights I took the plunge and purchased the unit for myself to put it to the test in my own house. The results now 6 months later are in and my most difficult to please 7 year old really loves it! She has taught herself how to change the colors from red to blue to green (meaning she can move from incoherence to coherence) simply by looking up at the Buddha tanka painting above our computer or by singing devotional love songs. The mere fact that she can watch how her emotions change the effects in her “game”, is quite amazing to me. I wish I had made that connection at age 7.

Personally I use it whenever I need to focus or a “pick me up”. This morning I sat near a window where I could hear the birds and just observed my breath and I watched my flow of thoughts and how they affected my heart rate variability. When I followed the prompts for breathing I was able to move into a state of coherence quickly leaving me feeling clear, peaceful and grounded.


I believe this technology is a tool that truly can help to create,

as David Wolfe famously proclaims, “The Best Day Ever!”.

May your reality be radiant!


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