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In my quest to establish radiant health and wellbeing in my life, I have tried countless wellness tools and products. The products and tools that I endorse or am affiliated with are products that I trust and use both personally and recommend in my practice.  


 My experiences with many of the products will be covered in my blogs,

so if you want to get more information on the "how's" and "why's",

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Nutrition Genome

Nutrition Genome offers cutting edge information based on your personalized genetic data.This at home DNA test kit and report guide you through a whole body approach to diet, lifestyle and environmental insights for vibrant health. Recommendations for diet, energy, hormone health, DNA protection and repair, inflammation and longevity, athletic performance and detoxification are included in the report. 

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*I have trained with this company and offer consults based on recommendations provided in the report as an additional service. Contact me for more information.



DNA test kit and report guide you through a whole body  report ou through a whole body /

My choice for professional grade supplements. Sing up with Fullscript with Tennee Gay FDN-P and save 15% on every order with free shipping 


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Living Libations is renown for its incredible essential oil blends, organic ingredients and quality. This brand is my absolute favorite skin and hair care line.

Colostrum 740 X 90 Mountains

Surthrival offers humanely sourced, sustainable raised, food products designed to upgrade health and longevity.



Bone Broth 250 X 400 Ancient Nutrition - Black

Thermal Life Saunas


The safest sauna on the market for detoxification. My #1 choice for FIR sauna therapy.






Radiant Reality Products | Thermal Life Saunas



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