9 Ways to Hack your Estrobolome for Radiant Hormone Health

As gut health becomes increasingly popular in both functional and conventional worlds of medicine, more and more people are becoming educated about the importance of cultivating a healthy microbiome for longevity and health. 


Did you know that the bacterial colonies of your gut are directly linked to your hormone health as well? This involves your estrobolome otherwise known as your estrogen microbiome.

These two systems, your microbiome and your estrobolome are intricately interconnected! They work together and effect the amount of circulating estrogen that moves throughout your body. The estrogen ends up downstream affecting your sex drive, mood and weight. 


Why does hormone health matter?

 Hormones plays a vital role in your bodies overall health. Hormones are chemical messengers that when balanced, keep your body functioning mentally, physically, and emotionally. However when hormones are out of balance, symptoms arise.

Studies show that 80% of women struggle with hormone imbalance with up to 70% largely unaware that any hormone imbalances are at play.  The majority of women that  notice issues with their hormones cite PMS like symptoms. However, there are more extreme forms of reproductive health issues such as endometriosis, PCOS, infertility and cancer that affect women’s lives in more detrimental ways. 




Signs of estrogen dominance include:


Painful periods






Low libido

Hair loss



Sore breast tissue and fibrocystic breasts





If these symptoms are part of your struggle, it may be helpful to  look upstream at root causes and one important yet often overlooked connection is tied directly to your GI health.


What is the estrobolome and how is it connected to the microbiome?

 Your microbiome is directly connected to your estrobolome via the microbial community that lives inside you. The population of microbes that occupy your GI system also colonize your bladder and reproductive organs. 


Estrogen is produced in the ovaries, adrenal glads and fat cells and circulate in the bloodstream before they are broken down in the liver. This is known as phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification of estrogen. 

It is through this process that estrogen get packaged up to be eliminated through stool.

This is where the estrobolome gets involved. AKA phase 3 of detoxification.  


Heres the kicker. Your estrobolome contains organisms that either aids in the removal of estrogen or interferes with estrogen removal which then recirculates estrogen and leads to a host of estrogen related imbalances. 

This process involves an enzyme called betaglucuronidase which is produced by the microbes that live in your gut. High betaglucuronidase levels are directly connected with an unbalanced microbiome and will aid in the reabsorption of estrogen rather than help your body to release it via the stool. This is no beuno!


This process often is connected to estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance effects both women and men and is the result of unhealthy levels of estrogen circulating in the tissues.  When estrogen becomes dominant, there is a lower amount of progesterone in circulation. This leads to many hormone imbalances.


9 Ways to Support your Estrobolome

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We are over six weeks into the COVID 19 quarantine. I have been home with my three kids, managing my business online in a time warp that feels endless. During this time, our normal patterns of life have been severely disrupted. Our sleep wake cycles have been dramatically altered. We are staying up late and getting up even later. The transition to online school has caused screentime to increase by 80% easily even though we live in nature and are free to spend time outside. Eating and snacking habits are also off. We eat later in the day and snacking is more frequent.

Feedback from clients indicates that they are experiencing similar circumstances. Common complaints include insomnia, excessive sugar and carb intake, and a increase in the use of alcohol and other mood altering substances.  Mood issues such as anxiety, loneliness and depression are a common theme. As a result weight gain and lethargy are becoming more of a concern than before.

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Protecting your Lung Health during the COVID 19 Pandemic

As the COVID 19 crisis unfurls, I have been paying close attention to the research and words of advice from  a few well respected functional medicine doctors in the field. 


Recently I watched Dr Ben Lynch, an author and well known methylation and nutrigenomics specialist, loose his cool in a video he put out on social media pertaining to why so many older people are dying of COVID 19. Dr Ben Lynch emphatically stated that one of the main reasons why both people with fragile immune systems and older people seem to be getting sicker is tied to the inability to regulate pro-inflammatory chemicals or cytokines. This is especially evident with the COVID 19 pandemic and its effects on the lungs.

As most people are aware at this time COVID 19 has a propensity for lung tissue and can create a perfect storm leading to pneumonia. Given this information, it would make great sense at this time to put in place nutritional support for your lungs and respiratory health as we make our way through this uncharted terrain.


Studies and peer reviewed articles suggest that there are several nutrients that can be taken to support lung health to help regulate the inflammatory cytokines for the long term.


One critical nutrient that will support lung health to regulate this inflammatory process is glutathione.


Glutathione is a amino acid combination that acts as a major antioxidant and cellular protector. It is found throughout the body in high concentrations in the liver lining of the respiratory tract and nasal cavities.  Glutathione is especially beneficial for protection against lung oxidant stress, injury and inflammation. 

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