About Radiant Reality

For the past 18 years I have been working with people who want to access a greater state of health and wellbeing. The work I do with others would not have come about if I had not fully engaged on my own journey to reclaim my  health. My focus on identifying hidden stressors in the body, cleaning up the body’s ecology with detoxification while strengthening the reserves through nutrition and supportive lifestyle modifications has been foundational for both my clients as well as myself.


I am completely committed and passionate about helping others find their own way back into balance. I believe healthy wellbeing is our natural born right. It is through learned behavior that we fall out of alignment with the innate intelligence that lies within our own bodies.



My work involves empowering clients with information, tools and a model of self-care that will benefit them long after our work is done.



I fell through the cracks of the “health care” system and had to navigate my own ship back into balance through a lot of hard work. But I know from first hand experience that it can be done! The beauty of the body is that it has its own self healing mechanisms in place. We simply need to listen to our bodies signals.

We are designed to be healthy!

I have found through my own trail and error that everyone is incredibly unique. There is no one size fits all solution for anyone. One persons medicine can be another persons poison. With that in mind, I use an integrated individualized approach using my training in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Ayurveda, detoxification therapies, kinesiology, and other tools like heartmath and PEMF that strengthen the body’s response to stress.


Ultimately, I believe in the words of Joyce Meyer that

“the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” 



Heres to your health!


About Tennee

My hope is that my story will serve as an example. I believe that we are all on our own "healers journey".

I will support you as you move through your journey by offering tools and information that help you dig deep into your own soil to uncover your own answers.


My work is designed to help those who are looking to find missing pieces of their health puzzle. This process allows you to start addressing what is wrong so you can feel your best again.






rooted in nutrition & holistic wellness