Radiant Reality Nutrition supports you as a whole, through the use of bio individual nutrition and personalized health re-building programs so you can reclaim your health and vitality! I work specifically with functional labs to eliminate the guesswork and help you get results quickly and effectively.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is a nutritional approach to health that serves as a bridge between traditional western medicine and nutrition. The work I do with FDN  is focused on investigating and identifying underlying causes of imbalance and dysfunction in the body. I work with functional labs to identify hidden stressors while supporting your innate mechanisms for healing in a holistic manner with specific guidance on nutrition, herbal support and lifestyle changes. My specific focus can be especially helpful for re-establishing hormonal balance and GI health and mitochondrial function. More...

Meet Tennee

 My work as a FDN  is designed to help my clients get answers using functional labs. I also work to support my clients as they heal their bodies using nutrition, supplements and lifestyle support and coaching to promote health and wellbeing More...

My work is designed to help those who are looking to find missing pieces of their health puzzle. This process allows you to start addressing what is wrong so you can feel your best again.

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