Detoxification · 08/19/2019
How I am healing from MCAS and mold and how you can too!
Detoxification · 05/05/2016
As our seasons change from winter to spring, so do the internal mechanisms of our body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as spring brings cleansing rain to encourage new blossoms and green grown to occur, inside the body, the liver becomes more active and needs extra support and nourishment as well. This makes spring an excellent time to “clean house” and give your liver some added support.
Detoxification · 11/17/2015
The first time I heard about ozone therapy was while I was taking a workshop at the Four Winds Society in LA. It was during a period of time when I was at the lowest point I can remember physically. Determined to find deeper keys to unlock my healing potential, I decided to embark on a workshop in shamanic light body training taught by Alberto Villoldo. I enrolled with about 250 other healers of different sorts.
Detoxification · 07/15/2015
Sweating doesn’t come naturally to me. My body runs cold and it usually takes about 30 minutes in a 130 degree infrared sauna for my body to turn on the water works. But that is precisely why I own a sauna and use it religiously. When one of my children tested positive for heavy metals, we decided to invest in an Thermal Life infrared sauna that was designed specifically for detoxification. It has since become our “womb room” and has been a key player in keeping my elimination channels flowing.