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Tennee | July 15, 2015

Radiant Reality Blog | Detoxing with Infrared Saunas

Sweating doesn’t come naturally to me. My body runs cold and it usually takes about 30 minutes in a 130 degree infrared sauna for my body to turn on the water works. But that is precisely why I own a sauna and use it religiously. When one of my children tested positive for heavy metals, we decided to invest in an Thermal Life infrared sauna that was designed specifically for detoxification. It has since become our “womb room” and has been a key player in keeping my elimination channels flowing.

Some people wrinkle their noses at detoxification methods like saunas, especially if they are not feeling well to begin with... yes, you have to really ease into the temperatures gradually and you do get really sweaty but you reap amazing health benefits.

Detoxification is this beautiful process in which toxins are mobilized out of fat cells and into your sweat and blood stream. The mobilized toxins in your blood are then handled by your body's detoxification system, processed through the kidneys, and excreted via the urine and the stool. Studies indicate that sweating can offload as much as 33% of the burden placed on your kidneys.


Now I figure, if I was a marathon runner, logging 20 miles a day I would be able to excrete similar amounts of toxic metals, however I am a mom with three kids... I and at this stage in the game I am most certainly not logging 20 miles a day, yet I am receiving similar benefits! 

The 6 most noted benefits are:

  1. detoxification
  2. relaxation
  3. pain relief
  4. weight loss
  5. improved circulation
  6. skin purification
Radiant Reality Blog | Detoxing - Thermal Life Infrared Sauna

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and their benefits.

To put it simply, in this day and age, detoxification therapies are essential to staying healthy and vibrant. In order to offset the heavy metals in the air we breathe, and water we drink and the toxins in our food supply etc, its critical to have detoxification tools on hand. The infrared sauna is one of my favorite! I even have an affirmation over the door of our “womb room”.

“The more you sweat, the healthier you get!”



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