Castor Oil Packs for Spring Cleaning the Liver



Ahhh spring! The blossoms on the trees remind me of a new cycle of growth that comes with sunshine and rain. That new cycle is also happening in our bodies and spring is an amazing time to support the bodies capacity to detoxify so we can stay healthy. 

Chinese medicine has always proclaimed spring to be an important time for liver and gall bladder support as we are coming out of winter and spring is a natural time for cleaning, hence “spring cleaning”. 

One of the reasons for supporting the liver at this time is that the liver and gall bladder are part of our internal infrastructure that is designed to keep us healthy and help us detoxify our bodies.

The livers role specifically is to process waste of all sorts while also cleaning our blood and managing the storage of sugar and filtering our hormones. With all of its jobs, it can easily get overwhelmed. 


Eating processed food, processing chemicals and toxins and incurring stress etc will affect the liver and may result in toxin overload which often shows signs in ways such as:




*hormone disregulation



One of my favorite tools for self care is called a Castor oil pack. It’s an inexpensive form of support that I recommend to clients when they are going through any hormone detoxification or gut repair program. 


A castor oil pack can be done easily and is very inexpensive.





Benefits of using Castor Oil Packs:


*Improves digestion, assimilation and elimination

*Helps reduce inflammation and pain

*Supports the liver, lymphatic and immune system

*Improves hormonal balance ( PMS)




You can use wool or flannel to cover the area for the castor oil application. It can be used multiple times before you discard.


I recommend wearing an old tee shirt and use an older towel as castor oil is messy.



Pour castor oil on flannel or wool to saturate and place the pack over the desired area  ( ideally upper right over the liver under the ribcage) and cover with a clean piece of flannel.  You can then place a piece of plastic on top of the wool so the heated pad or rice bag does not get oil on it. 


Cover the area with a heating pad or rice bag and sit back and relax for 20 minutes to an hour. I often recommend heating up a rice bag or jade herbal body pillow but if you don’t have access you can use a traditional heating pad.


You can find the ingredients and more information for the castor oil pack here. 





Wishing you a radiant reality!




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