Adrenal Paleo Morning Elixir

Tennee | April 5, 2016

If you are interested in taking a break from caffeine and giving your adrenals a boost in the morning, this elixir is easy and incredibly delicious. We have been preparing this tea in our kitchen for the past few years and find it to be an extremely powerful tonic elixir. This drink consists of a tea base of rehmannia root, cats claw and p’au d’arco. I add in MCT oil, grass fed collagen peptides, and organic raw whey powder and blend.

Elixir ingredients


- Kidney jing herb that is a primordial yin herb renown for its ability to build up and restore adrenal function.

He Shou Wu powder

- For a additional adrenal boost, this herb is one of the most popular and highly revered tonic herbs in Asian herbalism, known for its properties as a brain tonic, it properties have been described as both energizing and calming.

Cats Claw

- Powerful antiviral herb from the Amazon. Useful for chronic infections in the body.

P’au D’Arco

- Anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti candida, anti parasite. This multifaceted herb comes from the evergreen tea.

MCT oil

- Medium chain fatty acids that are believed to be largely missing from the SAD diet of Americans. MCT oil has been shown to support the gut environment, act as an anti inflammatory and helps the body absorb fat soluble nutrients from food. 

Collagen peptides

- These peptides ( highly recommended from grass fed source) contain the same amino acids of gelatin, supporting neurotransmitter health, skin, hormones, bone and joint health and digestion.

Raw Organic Whey powder

- Known to support the immune system, it also enhances glutathione production, increases energy, promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut.


(Make sure you are not sensitive to dairy before consuming...if you are sensitive the whey step, everything else is delicious as is)


1 TBS of P’au D’arco 

1 piece of organic prepared

Rehmannia root (approximately 1-2 TBS in size)

1 TBS of Cats Claw

2-3 cups of water

Simmer for at least 20 min.

Strain and pour into blender 

Add and Blend

2- 3 TBS of Organic Raw Whey powder

1 TBS Collagen peptides

1-2 Tsp MCT oil

1/4 tsp of He Shou Wu powder (Fit eeTee is what I use)

1 tsp of maple syrup if desired


Start slowly with a small cup and increase gradually as the herbs can have a laxative effect if they are used in large amounts.

The tea base can be used for 2-3 more batches afterwards!



Radiant Reality Blog | Adrenal Elixir Recipe

Adrenal Elixir Recipe
Download this recipe and enjoy in preparing!
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    Misty (Thursday, 12 April 2018 22:29)

    Is this the wonderful tea concoction you made for me at The Bulletproof conference? I remember it well. It was delicious and very satisfying. I downloaded the recipe. thanks!