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My journey on the healing path began unintentionally when I was in my early 20s. As a young man full of health and vigor, I had decided to travel to India and Nepal to backpack and study the origins of Vipassana meditation. During my time sitting vipassana, I sustained a crippling low back injury that turned my health upside down. This injury, coupled with dysentary left me physically broken. Soon after, I found myself in a state of chronic pain, and thus began the quest to regain my health.

Throughout the next month while traveling through central Europe I saw a number of physicians and received a CT scan. The results showed a partial herniation of the L4-L5 disc. The doctor, with whom I received this diagnosis, recommended that if I lay down for couple of weeks on the floor icing my back I would see signs of improvement. This of course was not the case. Eventually I made my way back to the states and I was referred to my fathers chiropractor. Dr. Khalsa wore a white turban, a long beard and had an exotic practise he called Kundalini yoga. He sent me home with a handful of core strengthening exercises and psoas releasing stretches and so began my study of yoga. This introduction into yoga took another 10 years to solidify and make its way fully into my life. However, I am now a certified yoga instructor through the “Yoga Alliance certified school of Yoga for All” and I am committed to sharing and providing resources to help others reclaim their own health and vitality.

It was along this same timeline that I also discovered an aptitude for bodyworkMy first formal training with touch was an acupressure class in 1997.

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Since then I have worked with people on and off the table for 18 years. I have completed 1200+ hours of massage therapy training at a handful of different schools. My foundational training was from the  MountainHeart School of Massage in ColoradoI have studied deep tissue, neuromuscular reprogramming, craniosacral therapy, myofacial release, acupressure and thai massage. Since I have spent a lot of time healing my own low back and hips, I consider this to be one of my specialties.

I have also trained to become a life coach with the Life Purpose Institute which has given me a powerful skill set to help my clients transform self limiting beliefs and plug in to their highest potential.


My goal is to support and inspire others

to manifest the life they want to live.

Whether its on the massage table or on the yoga mat I am here to offer my help. My daily yoga practice has become one of the biggest game changers in my life. It has taken my self care to another level and has given me back my health! This work has shown me, that becoming more present with ones own body through conscious movement, posture and alignment along with living a healthy lifestyle will bring long lasting change.